Sunday, March 21, 2004

Blunkett, ID cards and the Madrid bombings

Big Blunkett reports, citing the Sunday Times, that the Home Secretary wants to fast-track ID cards in the wake of the Madrid bombings.'s blog also reports on this and on a Sunday Times poll carried out by Experian showing a rise in support for ID cards since the bombings.

It is worth noting however that Spain has a system of ID cards that did nothing to prevent the Madrid bombings. Possessing a legitimate ID card does not mean you're not a terrorist. Moreover terrorists are able to forge or fraudulently obtain such things if they need them. And no one has ever explained to me precisely how ID cards could be used to stop terrorists. Not Blunkett, not the Home Office, nor have I seen any article from others who support ID cards which spell out how they're supposed to help.

Finally, as notes, Experian have a vested interest in promoting ID cards -- they could make money out of them.

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